Saturday, May 25, 2013

L4D2 Ultimate Patch v5.0

Left 4 Dead 2 Ultimate Patch v5.0

- All in one (AIO) tool for L4D2
- L4D2 Auto-Updater
- Rev-Emu v9.85
- Update Checker
- Detect Game Version
- Garena PLUS & Xfire Automatic Integration
- Ability to Choose Components
- Import your settings
- Support For Custom Avatars with Avatar Preview
- DirectX & .Net Framework Automatic Update
- Cleans your Game from Junk Files
- Rebuild Sound Cache if you hear Cracks & Fizzes or have no sound
-"Hardware Information" & "Game Configuration"
- And much much more!

Change Log:
* Updated Rev-Emulator to [21-05-2013]
-> Fixed a lot of bugs found in previous versions
* New design changes
* Added an option to uninstall L4D2 UP
* Added an option to import avatar
* Added Hardware Information
* Added L4D2 Loader[Experimental]
* Added Auto-set admin option
* Added more languages
* Added option for external steamclient
-> Put it in the same directory as L4D2 UP
* Improved DirectX integration
* Improved .Net Framework integration [Win XP]

* Improved Avatar Creation
 * Fixed saving settings
* Removed Recommended software
* Removed ServerBrowser Addon
-> Join the game through game lobby feature

√Čner Stengelowski
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  1. thank you.. il test it and ill say how it is <3 :D

  2. Hi Zex! Me again. Thanks for the effort in making the 5.0 patch. Interesting stuff like a DirectX update, but it didn't download the update for L4D2. At least your 4.9 patch still updated my game, so I'm cool with using 4.9 until you fix 5.0.

    Question: is it a big deal if I still have the Server browser addon? It says that you removed it in your 5.0 patch. I spectated for a bit using the Server browser and it still works.

  3. Thanks for the testing/feedback :)
    Are you sure It didn't update the game? I've just tried it and it worked perfectly. :D

    Answer: Nope, you can use it if it works for you. But I've seen a lot of people having bugs because of serverbrowser use.

    Also I think it would be better if you used bind option instead of an addon....
    Example[Type in the console]: bind "F12" "openserverbrowser"

  4. Remember I had the same prob with one of your patches back then? Maybe the Steam server was not working at the time I tried it. Anyway, my game's still updated ( so I'll wait until the next L4D2 update then I'll try it again.

    Alrighty. Thanks for the advice regarding the server browser! I'll let you know if I'm still having difficulty with the 5.0 patch, as I have the 4.9 and 5.0 patches.

  5. hi downloaded the patch but when i launch the game and try to play online it just shows "searching for games' doesn't show any result.. my game's version is 2.0.0
    and i downloaded the v4.9 patch do i need to first downloaded the older patches or something?

  6. This happened to me a few days back, but I tried checking for the latest update and it works again. Try the patch now. The latest game version as of this reply is Please update us if the 5.0 patch downloaded the update for you since mine didn't work at the time I downloaded this patch from Zex (see my comments above). It probably works now, but I'll have to wait until the next update to find out if the patch is working for me.

    As for your question about 4.9, I used it to update my to so it works as well.

  7. hi i downloaded the game off this site and i also installed ultimate patcher v5.o and its saying "this application has failed to start beacuse steam_ap1.dll was not found. re-installing the aplication may fix the problem"

  8. Did you update the game from L4D2 UP v5.0 before installing it?

    Also make sure Steam is turned off...

  9. how come in the l4d2 ultimate patch v5.0 i get stuck in the select destination location because i cant click next no matter what folder i use

  10. Because the Ultimate Patch can only be installed when the correct directory is provided (game directory).

  11. All parts must be download and put in the same folder before trying to extract them.

    Try to re-install 7-zip and re-associate with all extensions available.

    After that, right click on the first part and select extract.

  12. Download a newer release of the game or get it from here.
    Its noted in the UP that the updater works with v2.0.6.9+

  13. I got this error

    ''VSteam is not running. RevEmu requires VSteam to be running if you aren't hosting a dedicated server''

    When i try to start a server with l4d2loader.exe =(((((((((((

  14. L4D2 Loader has some bugs and that's why I marked it experimental. Try creating a server without it and tell me the results.

  15. Hey! Thanks for fast answer =) !

    No problem for that its not in the rush but aaa now i have a big problem and i dont know why it just appear few minutes ago .. you know to menu wich appear at the top down left side of the game in the main page, where we click to see the server list

    It doesnt appear anymore =O ! And the .bik file i meant the video in the background is not the same anymore =O!
    I uninstalled and reinstalle the game, then the updates etc.. the Ultimate Patch 5.0 like always like it was before and still dont work =/ !!

  16. Is theira specific program or website u can recommend or put a link in your next post please thanks for the answer

  17. Now i have this =p


  18. Hey ! just want to say thank you to you guys to have made this patch =) !! I'm playing now since 2 months and i never thank you ! So .. Thank you =D !!! Very mutch !

  19. No problem, happy to help. :)

    Also if it was you that posted couple days ago about lobby servers missing, I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner.

    Did you install another Standalone(Third party) Patch?

    Also try waiting a while for it to show up. Last thing to do this if nothing helps is to install a previous L4D2 Ultimate Patch.

  20. At the place in the installer where it tells me to choose a folder it wont give me the option to click next! Plz help

  21. NVM I got it to work but now it says it cant find 'materials/console/background02.vtf also background03.vtf background04.vtf background05.vtf Help

  22. Game crashes when loading after instaling the patch :(

  23. Update: I figured it out. Its because I have patch and the UP isn't compatible with the new update. Please fix! :-)

  24. When will the update be released? My game finds only 13 servers instead of 116, the amount of servers it was able to find a week ago.

  25. Yes you're right..., I'm working on it. :)

  26. Where did you get the game from?
    Did you apply all the updates?

  27. v2.1.2.5 is released in UP, but the Ultimate Patch isn't compatible with it yet.
    I'm currently working on it.